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Care training is vital in promoting the health, well-being, and dignity of those we assist, while also providing peace of mind to their families and loved ones.

From the moment our staff are recruited they are put through our comprehensive training programme that ensures they will have the knowledge and confidence to provide that high quality care we and individuals expect from them.

Classroom learning to hands-on training, our qualified trainers go through every scenario and procedure that may occur while our staff are visiting individual’s homes carrying out their duties and staff will then be fully assessed and certified once they have completed all training modules.

Our training also includes specialist Dementia training, helping staff to understand what the individuals suffering from it’s effects may be experiencing on any given day and how to provide the correct care for them.

Once fully trained, only then are new staff sent to their first home care visit but are partnered up with our more experienced staff during a ‘shadowing’ period to help them get used to routines and the work it takes to become a competent care support worker and throughout this period management monitor and offer continuous support to our new carers.

Staff training is also updated on a regular basis as best practices and policies within the sector change to ensure even the most experienced care support workers have the most up-to-date skills to carry out the best care possible.

Our dedicated in-house training facility features all the familiar home care equipment and training aids.

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