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An already award winning, leading provider of home care

Cross Care was started by two former colleagues, Katie & Ruth, between them they have 20 plus years experience in the Health and Social care sector, working in various settings including, day centres, hospitals, care homes and domiciliary. Katie and Ruth seen first hand the challenges the care sector in the UK was facing, so combining their skills and experience they formed the home care service provider ‘Cross Care’ and in September 2019 were awarded CQC registration and CIW registration the following September this then allowed Cross Care to operate in both England and Wales.

Katie Image_s.jpg

Katie Doyle


Nominated Individual for England

Care Manager for Wales

"I have worked for many care companies including charitable organisations and found such a poor standard of care. This is not something I would ever wish for, for my loved ones and wanted to make a change."

Ruth Image.jpg

Ruth Thorley


Registered Manager for England

Responsible Individual for Wales

"I had dealt with really poor care services for my dad whilst he was in a home. I found there was a lack of person centred care, and what he was receiving was unacceptable in my eyes. This led to me having to safeguard him. With this in mind and the previous care companies I had worked for, I wanted to make a change to the care industry for the better and so decided to set my own up."

Lisa Image

Lisa Nicholson

Cross Care Recruitment + Training Manager

At Cross Care, our core goal revolves around delivering safe, reliable, and specialised care. Our team of over 40 carers throughout the covered areas aim to provide a diverse range of support services for adult individuals aged 18 and upwards, with over 200 individuals since our beginning and over 40 individuals currently receiving our committed care. We realise this by embracing a positive approach in all our endeavours and by serving as a dedicated and cohesive team committed to delivering the highest standard of care. Together, we all share the responsibility, from the back office to the carers out on duty ensuring care and support is provided to both the individuals and the families we serve, collectively making a meaningful impact in their lives.

Year on year, we strive to improve staff engagement, individual and family feedback and are seeing a consistent uptick in individual satisfaction and outcome ratings. In addition, we introduced further staff training and development initiatives through the use of new technology and digital tools available. The culmination of these efforts have played a pivotal role in our achievement of winning at the prestigious Stars of Social Care Awards in 2023.

We are looking for dedicated individuals to join our broad team of care and support staff.

Please check out our Jobs page for current vacancies.

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