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Meal Preparation

Our care workers can help to ensure individuals are eating well, their food is cooked safely and meals are to their satisfaction.

Meal Prep
Medication Administration

All our staff are fully trained in medication administration and support, from offering reminders to the Individual informing them it is time to take their medication to assisting the individual in the taking of the medication. Policies and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of the individual is paramount when assisting with their medication.

Continence Care

Our trained staff can provide help to those individuals who may suffer with incontinence issues. This may include the changing and cleaning of aids such as pads, protectors and catheters.

Respite Care

We know that loved ones and family members are often the primary carers for individuals but there may also be times when they cannot be available to provide that care. Cross Care can provide cover in that event to ensure the individual never goes without the care and support needed with a plan put together that suits all parties.

Palliative Care

For individuals living with serious illness, being in a familiar and comfortable environment can make a world of difference to help alleviate some of the suffering. With our palliative care packages, we can offer at-home care and support for those with specific needs surrounding their illness including personal care, pain management, medication administration, domestic services and cooking meals when required.

Dementia Care

Dementia is a complex illness to live with for both the diagnosed individual and the individual's families and loved ones. Cross Care is committed to providing support for all those dealing with the effects of Dementia in all forms. Our trained care support workers can help to ensure the individual feels safe and cared for in their home environment and their loved ones can be assured respite care will be in place when needed.

End of Life Care

End of life care is support for people who are in the final weeks or days of their life. This care is to ensure individuals can spend their limited time left with the dignity and high quality support they deserve. Our trained care support workers will ask individuals and loved ones of individuals of their care wishes and preferences to ensure their later moments are as comfortable as they can be.

End of Life

Having someone to see and talk to is vital for our mental and physical health regardless of age, so at Cross Care we offer a range of services that can help ensure individuals are maintaining social interactions and are not left feeling isolated. This may be as simple as frequent, friendly drop-in social visits from one of our familiar care support workers to trips out, such as walks in the park, to the shops or attending individual’s appointments together.

Contact us today to discuss what options may be available to you and your loved-ones.

Shopping Assistance

Individuals may not always be able to leave their homes to get down to the shops for groceries and other essentials, so Cross Care can provide a regular, routine shopping service whereby our care support workers will collect items from shops and deliver them to individuals homes or even help put them away in fridge-freezers and cupboards for individuals if requested.

Domestic / Cleaning Assistance

There will be times when individuals may not be able to do the simple household chores we often take for granted such as cleaning, washing dishes or doing laundry. Cross Care can help with these, our dedicated care support workers can provide scheduled domestic services that suits the individual’s needs.

Waking / Sleep-in Care

Sometimes individuals and families of individuals may need reassurance that someone is there to offer assistance throughout the night should they wake. Individuals may also need assistance first thing when waking. For these times Cross Care can offer our Waking and Sleep-in services whereby our care support workers will be on hand and ready to assist at the individuals home during these hours.

Waking Sleeping Care

You can download our digital brochure to send to those who may be interested in accessing the services we provide.

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The pinned locations on the map below provide a general guide to the areas we currently cover

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